Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

This is Propstra Square and the corner of 6th and Columbia. Just about as big as downtown Vancouver gets. Braiden loves to play in the fountain, just to the left of the big clock tower.

Check out the nose picker at the end of the video.

Farmer Market on a Saturday Afternoon

We went to the Farmers Market today at Esther Short Park. Had lots of fun and got our usual produce and coffee. Lots of local artists display their works there as well, a very nice place to spend the afternoon. We stumbled onto a Hawaiian Festival where Braiden got layed and we listened to Hawaiian music. Braiden always loves to play at the playground and in the fountain. I snapped a shot of Esther Short Park's statue "The Pioneer Mother". One of many statues throughout the park.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Whenever he begins his descend he yells "lowering".

Go for it-.-.-.-

Missed a couple!

Climbing Wall

This is Braiden going to town at Firstenburg, our community center. He has his Mad Monkey climbing shoes on, courtesy of Kaka.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rockin' and a Rollin'

Braiden is learning how to skateboard! We have such a fun park by our house. It includes the dog park, skate park, basketball court, a REALLY cool futuristic playground, and lots of walking and biking trails. Braiden went there intending to drop in to the bowl but decided to learn the ropes first. He did pretty well for his first time. Susie enjoyed watching and gave a smile of approval. Take care all.---

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gone Fishing---

We went fishing this Sunday at lake Lacamas. Braiden caught a fish after he gave up holding his pole and set it down. It was a very small perch that did not survive after we took the hook out. :( When we put it back in the water a large bird, maybe an eagle or a hawk, swooped down and brought it up to its nest high atop an old dried tree. You could see the young birds moving their heads around. Hope you guys can see the bird flying by the nest in the picture. We got a great shady spot of the path so I hope the pictures aren't to dark. -----Oh! Quick story-----While Braiden was using a lure, casting and reeling in, he was holding the pole straight up. I told him to hold the nose down as he reeled in, but he still kept it up. After the next cast I noticed he was looking at the ground as he reeled it in. Keeping HIS NOSE down. Silly kids!! Gotta love em.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pizza & Popscles

Here are Braiden and some of his friends having some fun on a hot day. Water gun fights, pizza and Popsicles. All this while Susie waits patiently.Mom finally got a job. Yeah!! We close on the house on the 24th. ---It's all falling together!---Hugs and kisses.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost time for Fireworks

Hi everyone--We have been having lots of fun this week. By the way, it can really be a struggle following two 6yr olds on bikes, following behind with a pooping boxer dog and a coffee in your hand. Anyway, still lots of fun none the less. Braiden has been working on his cannonball and practicing swimming without a vest. I know everyone is thinking it and yes, Braiden does normally were a helmet. He was just riding in the "backyard" with all the neighborhood kids. See ya round.