Sunday, February 15, 2009

---Just Being Silly---

Braiden decided to eat a banana while wearing PJ's & Dad's shoes.

Basketball Practice

We had a great couple of first games. Braiden's defense is really great. He really stays on his man and he scored 6 points at the last game. I will be sure to get some action shots next Saturday at his 3rd game. He's really doing a fantastic job and practicing dribbling on his own.

Look for the #15 Nuggets jersey and the red stripe on his pants if you can't find him.

Do you see the resemblance?

Yeah--That's Batboy.......I am such a proud mother.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ocean Shores Weekend

A little weekend getaway to Ocean Shores Wa. Had lots of fun. We chose to go here because someone had posted a hutch on craigslist that I wanted. So we decided to make a weekend of it. Although it was cold it was great to get away for the day.

Susie loves a car ride.

My $50 hutch!! Gotta love craigslist!

Our fancy(not) hotel room had this lovely tropical mural on the wall. It really says "weekend away".